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The Lazy Desktop User’s Apps -Which You won’t Live Without These 13 Apps

The Best 13 App I Use (for many years!)

Everyone who uses a desktop or laptop with windows/mac operating system has their own favorite applications which they use extensively. Probably they can’t live with those apps to fulfill their daily tasks or activities. Even I have such a list of applications without which I can’t imagine my laptop set up. Here is list of must have software for windows 10 and must have software for pc.

My workstation will lack without those if think of uninstalling them. Below is a list of those must have software for pc applications.

Acronis TrueImage (Disaster Recovery)

I have a hobby of trying new software applications, test them and use them, due to this I end up downloading software in tons. I remember when there was GPRS era and download speed used to be KB’s, that time also I used to download tons & tons of software using IDM ( more details IDM section) and by calibrating internet speed by using Cfospeed. ( more info ahead in this article).

You can imagine how I was messing up my desktop PC by installing and uninstalling software applications. Most of the time due to inferior quality software, or because of any serious bugs in software applications, my system used to get crashed. Then I decided that I must have software for pc disaster recovery.

The second major issue scenario was my OS was getting infected due to malware and virus from the internet due to lack of browser security. Nowadays browsers are more robust and secured to stop cyber-attacks.

Initially, when such an incident occurred I used to reinstall the entire Windows Operating again on desktop (that time I was using Windows XP). But this was too exhaustive and time-taking task for me. I was looking for a quick recovery solution for the desktop. After searching I came across many software utility or backup and restore software like Symantec Ghost ( now its name is Symantec Ghost Solution Suite), and Acronis True Image and since then I am using Acronis solution. This backup software is must have software for windows 10.

Implementing Acronis

As I started using the disaster recovery solution Acronis True Image my life became easy. I started using a computer desktop without any fear of losing data. If my computer gets infected due to malware or virus I would straightaway restore the C drive from Acronis backup.

I would list the strong point about Acronis True Image because of which I chose it.


  • Very strong algorithm for backup file system along with all settings etc.
  • The very strong deep compression of the entire drive almost compress by 60 to 70 %
  • Make a single compressed file which is very important according to me. ( other software makes some hidden supported files which if you lose backup become corrupt) 
  • Not a single file missed out from backup
  •  Quick restore of backup, does not much time hence quick recovery of PC.

The thing I did not like about Acronis

 Acronis runs too many services in the background and consumes memory a lot which makes the system slow. Acronis requires these services to run for scheduled backups and incremental backups, but to avoid this I used to make the service set to manually start and I would run the full backup manually twice a week, rather than incremental or scheduled backups.

Another reason for a single full backup is incremental backup requires too much space to accommodate the size of each incremental backup.

To know the features about Acronis you can go here

Acronis also provide enterprise-level disaster recovery solution & services, to know more about you can read below article

Internet Download Manager(IDM)

As I had mentioned, I download a lot many software applications to test, I always needed the fastest download manager. I have used almost all download managers available on the internet but no one can beat IDM! It is the fastest download manager available for a quite long time as of now.

must have software for pc

The problem I found most of the download managers was, integrating downloaded parts into one build. Most of the downloads would stop at 99% or make a corrupt build. IDM had no this particular issue.

IDM makes a parallel thread with a download server where the application is hosted and in multiples o even numbers like 8,16,24 etc. and stick-like leech! And start download in an equal part of the application size.

I decided that IDM is must have software for windows 10 and I settled down for IDM because of the below strong points

  • Outstanding superfast download performance and phenomenal download algorithm.
  • Keep live connection with download server until the download is completed, no loss of connection
  • No corrupt build at the end of download especially the application with a large size in GB.
  • Can add any type o file extension to auto-detect download
  • Well-integrated browser extension to auto-detect the download.
IDM downlaod must have software for windows 10

The only I had wished and I had given suggestion for adding another field, to enter a rename file name with a more meaningful name rather than with a default name. As of now, you have to rename the file after it's downloaded or in the download URL itself, which is a bit of pain.


This is a piece of software I cannot imagine my workstation without it. I am so much addicted to this app that even If I use any temporary system also I install this software first and then only I start. CfosSpeed ensures me that my internet speed is stable and get optimized speed for whatever is bandwidth. As I said I download savvy, in the GPRS era I used to download the data in GB's and that was only possible due to CfosSpeed. I am using this app since 2006.

In the interest of the length of the article, I would not explain here how it works, you can download the report here to know more. According to me this is must have software for windows 10.


Most people are aware of this app by now, but I am using it since its almost inception time. The best part of it is free! ( CCleaner also has the PRO version now). Same as IDM I used many garbage cleaner apps but I settled down to CCleaner and ASC -Advance System Cleaner after many years. This is essential programs for new pc to keep it as new.

Pros :

  • CCleaner engine cleanses the system deeply and many privacy traces.
  • Many other important features like tools, drive analyser are free.
  • Detection & Integration of popular & commonly used applications for their crap generation cleansing.
  • It's FREE!

iObit Advanced System Care

I started using this software couple of years back along with CCleaner. ASC is quite a professional enterprise-level software that gives all-around 360-degree maintenance for PC. I have saved several GB of space so far and kept system running.

I've used ASC for several years now and I still love it! I can run it on any computer I'm on. I've tested it on every version of Windows, even 10! I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their computer in tip-top shape.

The most amazing thing about Advance System Care (ASC), its portable feature! That means once you install the ASC you can make export the entire installed directory as a portable executable. I would make a portable version of ASC and uninstall the ASC to keep C: drive size slim and place it in PortableApp folder.

AllMyNotes Organizer

Have ever had the problem of missing notes which you copied somewhere and couldn't find on time when it's required most! Especially if you gather a lot of information from the internet.

I searched for a solution a long year back and found one is AllMyNote. All my notes, Licence keys, Adsense code, code snippets,write-ups, etc. are taken care of by the AllMyNotes organizer.

It makes a single file of all my all notes and takes backup of it on a regular interval

The best feature about AllMyNotes Organizer is a single database file with all your notes.

Evernote is also a good option for those who like online software versions, but as far as me I like the desktop version.

must have software for pc

RoboForm( Password Management)

This is must have software for pc. You must have read this somewhere about the secured password policy “Don't write your password anywhere, use a complex password, Don't use a dictionary word” etc., etc. So how many complex passwords you can remember? Probably max hundred, but surely not in thousand!

I have more than five thousand logins on the internet web, and I use complex 12-15 characters mixed with a special character password, which is just impossible to remember. So, I started using AI Roboform in 2002 and till today, I am using it. This was my first password manager. I have witnessed the evolution of RoboForm today. I have also given many suggestions, improvements, feature requests from time to time to RoboForm.

essential programs for new pc

You have no choice but to use password Manager if you want to use a complex password anywhere on the web to keep it safe. RoboForm is the best solution.

What I like about Roboform:

  • Effective recognition of field objects for any website developed with any technology.
  • 256-bit AES encryption of all passwords.
  • Auto Form filling (Actually RoboForm is started as form filler)
  • Free to use the desktop version.

I don't understand why they removed “AI” now after many years which actually a more relevant term to this AI era. ( And of course, if they intend to use AI) and renamed as a RoboForm

RoboForm also needs to make improvements and enhancements especially considering the competition like LastPass and DashLane.

Yes, I know that there is passwordless login with a magic link and Google, Outlook authenticator nowadays, but I still like the password method, as authenticator or magic link is an additional task or overhead for the lazy guy like me to log in. So for me its must have software for windows 10.

Lastpass  ( Password Management )

Last five years I am using Lastpass along with RoboForm, for the reason of taking advantage of security features.

Lastpas is a best among all password manager that is safe and easy to use! You can save all of your accounts and passwords in an encrypted format. It works with both your computer and your mobile devices. There are no complicated logins or accounts to maintain.

LastPass came up with the latest technology, better UI ( interface) and started to compete directly with RoboForm.

LastPass is a password manager that enables you to store your passwords in the cloud. It is very easy to use and it syncs across all of your devices. This means you can have the same passwords on your phone, laptop, and desktop computer.

Password manager for windows 10

One of the most prominent features that LastPass has is its Security Challenge. This feature will test you on your knowledge of your login credentials and identify any weak passwords. If you have any weak passwords, it will recommend you change them immediately.

LastPass's password manager and form-filler make your web browsing more secure.

What I like about LastPass

  • Lastpass has better Input field object detection on any kind of webpage, however it can improve a lot on detecting application field objects. E.g Windows applications and popups.
  • Lightweight application , My browsers never crashed due to LastPass plugins.
  • Placeholder (Infield) icon , which makes password fill much easier, time saving ( now recently RoboForm also added this feature)
  • More option the way to fill passwords ( E.g. Autofill)
  • Cross-platform syncing devices, secure sharing, and dark web monitoring ( Premium features)
  • More secured-You can allow to login only specified geographical areas. E.g. if you are from USA then you can select USA. This will block all other country IP range.
must have software for pc
  • 2FA authentication, you can enable it by using outlook or Google authenticator, where you have to enter code generated by authenticator on your app installed on mobile.

Unfortunately, recently they have limited the free version users to one type of device only. That means you can use either laptop, desktops or mobile, tab device only.


This is my big space saver app! As mentioned I always like to download new software and test them. Hence I always look for a portable version first.PortableApps has its own portable software( 400 apps with 40GB) library as well for many useful apps which you don't need to install on your system thus you can save a lot of space on a C drive.

I had mentioned earlier I make portable executable Advanced System Care and place it in the PortableApps folder. To know more about portable software read below

How to make installable software portables with PortableApps?

PortableApps has saved at least 5 GB of space on my C: drive without installing them!

Iris ( Eye Protection Software)

Another piece of must have software for windows 10. What if you have to stick your eye for a minimum of 8 hours and could go up to anywhere between 8 to 15 hrs every day as part of the job? and This is excluding screentime of mobile.

computer vision syndrome is a serious problem today across the globe.

I used to suffer swollen, dry eyes due to screen radiation, thanks to iris which solved my problem. I at least spend a minimum of 8 hrs a day, but I have no eye strain problem

Iris is blue light filter software that reduces the radiation from the screen and protects the eye from harmful screen radiation.

Iris adjust the screen brightness intelligently and automatically as per day time or night. This is a must have software for windows 10 to keep the eyes healthy.

Grammarly( English grammar)

No article, no email goes out from me without it going through Grammarly with grammatical and spell-check.

must have software for windows 10

Especially in corporate email communication, it's of utmost importance to write correct English without any grammatical & spelling errors. I have seen poorly English-written emails that cause a bad impression and creating confusion. This is also essential pc software if you want to make professional communication.

If you are serious about business communication Grammarly is a must-have service.

The Tone Detector feature (Beta) identifies the tone of your write-up which also I think is very important because I want to make sure I am conveying the right message to the intended end reader. E.g If you want to feel confident by the reader the tone should be “Confident”

essential programs for new pc


  • Most effective and easy to use tool
  • Wide integration like MS Outlook, word document, email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, yahoo, social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If this is not enough the IT Project Management tool JIRA, Collaboration platform Slack and Salesforce as well. All browsers integration.
  • The new feature “Tone Detector” identifies the tone of your message what you want to convey. This is icing on the cake.


  • Quite expensive to have but worth it.
  • Need to improve on real-time analysis performance.

Driver Booster ( Driver Updater)

It's nightmare & the worst thing to happen if you see the death screen ( Blue screen of death) on a laptop or desktop.

I have suffered this problem too a lot and it also has resulted in corrupting my RAM & Hrad Disk as well.

When I realized that the death of the screen is happening majorly due to outdated drivers, I started looking for a legitimate driver updater. I tried many and most of them were either fake or downloading the wrong drivers and install them.

Then I settled down to Driver Booster. This is an amazing driver updater with a huge database and an accurate analysis engine to detect your PC drivers. For me, this is must have software for windows 10.


  • Extensive drivers database and keep updating frequently.
  • Back up all drivers for offline installation


  • Only thing I did not like that it keeps nudging me about their other products.

Krisp ( Noise Cancellation)

This is the latest new app in my must-have family. Krisp is AI-based noise-canceling software that removes any kind of background noise in video meetings in real-time. Krisps works both ways, it filters the noise from your microphone and also from the other end who is speaking.

Due to the pandemic of Corona, as lockdown started, I am forced to start Work From Home and organize online video calls & meetings. Background noise became a headache for me.

Krisp Artificial Intelligence algorithm eradicates the most common sounds like keyboard typing, dog barking, vacuum cleaner, etc. and is compatible with 800+ apps like zoom, skype, etc

Its Deep Neural Network with a database of huge different kinds of noises (more than 2.5K Hrs.) which this dataset is fed into the Neural Network in real-time compared and filtered.

Krisp is one of the promising AI companies from the list of 50 Forbes top AI companies in the US.

So this is my “must have software for windows 10” list of software which I hope will help you as well to improve performance, protect the health, and save time, and focus on your task.

What is your list of applications? write done below in comments! I will reply and test it myself and if I like I will include it in my list 🙂

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