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3 Important SEO Techniques for Freelance Ghostwriters

If you are a freelance ghostwriter or looking at going into freelance ghostwriting then you will probably come across clients who want you to write articles that are optimized to the search engines or keyword-optimized articles. How do you go about doing this? In this article, we will look at a couple of rules for search engine optimization.

Finding Keywords as a freelance Ghostwriter

The first thing you need to know in order to optimize your articles to the search engines is the keywords that your client is wanting to target. If they want search engine optimized articles and haven't given you any specific keywords to target you will need to create your own keywords to include in the articles.

You can choose keywords for your client by visiting and typing in the topic of your article. Wordtracker will then produce a number of options for keywords and give you the KEI value of each. Try to choose the highest KEI value you can reasonably fit into your article.

Including Keywords in your freelance Ghostwriter

When you include these keywords in your freelance ghostwriting you will want to ensure that these keywords make up about 12-15% of your article unless your client has given you other directions for keyword density. These keyword phrases should be scattered throughout your article and should appear once in bold at the top of your article if possible as well as being mentioned in the title of your article.

Search engine optimization is not your only concern as a freelance ghostwriter

Although you want to include keywords and keyword phrases in your articles to improve search engine rankings you are not only writing for the search engines, you are also writing for your clients. You should include useful information that people will enjoy reading in your freelance ghostwriting.

Unfortunately, search engine optimized articles have gotten a bit of a bad rap lately because many people try to include too many keywords in their articles without writing information that is useful and interesting to read. Always be sure to maintain a balance in your articles between search engine optimization and interesting, informative articles.

As a freelance ghostwriter, you may be asked to write articles that are optimized to search engines. When writing your search engine optimized articles be sure to include keywords with a high KEI value if possible, so that they make up about 12-15% of the article.

These keywords should be used in the title, in bold near the beginning of the article, and scattered throughout the article. You should also attempt to create a balance between search engine optimization and writing articles that are interesting and informative.

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